What we are doing

Education and Capacity Building

The most important factor in order to achieve sustainable development is to enrich human resources. We aim to enhance the skills and abilities of individuals which would be reflected on the development of the whole community. Among our most essential goals is to ensure all members of the community receive quality education. This is the reason why we support projects such as awareness campaigns, workshops and education programs that contribute in fulfilling the educational needs of individuals and organizations.

Innovation and Scientific Research

According to Egypt’s Vision 2030: “Knowledge, innovation, and scientific research contribute in achieving the goals of sustainable development in general, whether national or international.” Within this context, we work with our partners to contribute to achieving Egypt’s Vision 2030 by encouraging the development of innovation and scientific research initiatives.

Knowledge and Technology Transfer

SHF believes that sharing knowledge in technical issues is among the most important objectives of sustainable development. We aim to reach the most efficient technologies in order to manage wastes perfectly for the sake of the community and ultimately enhance the achievement of the Sustainable Development Goals.

Environment and Climate Change

Preserving global climate is a key requirement of achieving sustainable development. We work in collaboration with our partners to support policies that protect the surrounding environment and advocate for raising awareness of the negative effects of climate change. We also endeavor to expand our activities in this field and increase our participation in international conferences and organization of workshops for the local community that support the preservation of the natural elements of the environment.

New and Renewable Energy

Sustainable development requires sustainable sources of energy. SHF promotes the essential role of clean and renewable resources of energy in cooperation with various partners both on the international and local levels. We aim to achieve a considerable change in the energy market and demands in Egypt.

Sustainable Development Projects

SHF mainly combats poverty, hunger, and ignorance, as we believe they represent the main enemies of the community. We seek to elevate the living conditions of all sectors of the community and provide them with all their basic needs. We also assist them to find proper working opportunities to empower them to play their role in sustainable development.

Raising Awareness

We believe that raising awareness is a long process that requires the proper education of all members of the community. Through focusing on the problems they face every day, we work in partnerships to raise the awareness of the public regarding all vital issues that have an impact on their lives.