Letter From The Founder

The Dream of a New World

As we take a closer look at the state of the international relations that are currently undergoing an unprecedented phase of disputes and conflicts between nations, and characterized by an utilitarian pragmatic attitude that does not consider the implications of some policies and practices on the fate of other nations, or on the millions of people who may be exposed to the risk of serious and sever humanitarian loses as a consequence of the accelerating spread of terrorism and the rising tension between nations, we realize the need for and the inevitability of the birth of a dream of a new world and of a new globalization:

  • A new compassionate globalization that replaces the current selfish and fierce globalization
  • A new globalization that does not crush the weak but believes in him
  • A new globalization that embraces diversity and coexistence with the divergence in order to achieve the concept of “multiple cultures but one humanity”
  • A new globalization that achieves the dream of humanity, rather the dream of those who trample upon the humanity

This new world could be achieved through a globalized-civilized project based on the principle of partnership and cooperation between individuals and communities, and aims to achieve a high balance between the external materialistic world and the internal emotional one (the so-called the building-meaning balance). It is wonderful to be proud of our belonging to ancient magnificent civilizations, but the most fascinating is that we civil society organizations could work together to achieve this ambitious goal, and to cooperate and make every effort to maximize collaboration among peoples (People to People) in order to restore and spread human values of these civilizations, in a manner that achieves the dream of sustaining sustainability, for a new better world.