Vision, Mission & Approach

Vision: To create a fulfilling and sustainable life for present and future generations.

Mission: We aim to participate in building, developing and empowering domestic and international sustainable communities through collaborative partnerships with multiple stakeholders at all levels and in various fields.

Our Approach: Collaboration partnerships lie at the core of how SHF understands the world and our role in working to achieve sustainable development. Sharaf Foundation works in collaboration partnerships with a variety of actors in a diverse set of relationships. Across the collaboration partnership continuum, the emphasis is placed on identifying the common goal to which we are working, whether in long- or short-term relationships, looking to build on the distinctive contribution of all actors, and ensuring that our combined efforts bring about sustainable positive change.

We aspire to make a sustained and sustainable impact on our local community and we believe that it is only through the collective efforts of many actors that this goal can be achieved. We typically work with community-based organizations, national and international governmental and non-governmental organizations to deliver programs that meet the needs and aspirations of our beneficiaries.

The number of partners with whom SHF engages grows year by year. Sharaf Foundation is privileged to be able to partner with a large number of local civil society organizations – organizations that we believe are crucial in supporting the actions of poor and marginalized people and communities in the development of sustainable, locally-owned solutions.

Each partner brings different capacities and resources to an interdependent relationship. We believe that working with others towards common objectives creates synergies and the potential for real collaborative advantage. For this potential to be realized, the diverse knowledge, experience and skills which each partner brings to the relationship must be valued and acknowledged as essential to ensuring the success and sustainability of joint efforts. Funding is understood as only one aspect of partnerships, however determinant, with SHF increasingly engaging in non-funding relationships with a variety of partners and stakeholders. Our partnering processes must create a win-win situation for partners and SHF to articulate what is important to them and what they believe they can contribute to the partnership, and to arrive at a common understanding of shared purpose, mutual benefits and interests. In making decisions about with whom to partner, SHF always considers the contribution the partnership will make to bringing about sustainable positive outcomes for the community.