Sharaf Foundation organizes various activities addressing topics that would interest the largest sector of the community. Dr. Essam Sharaf himself carries out a series of lectures and diversified cultural exchange and awareness activities on both national and international levels.


We seek to support families with low-incomes to enhance their lives and improve their conditions. We support the provision of microloans through our local partners. SHF provides intensive trainings to empower those families to run their own business and obtain fixed income. Only that way, those families can contribute to the achievement of sustainable development.

To get more information and know the names of the organizations we deal with in microloans, please contact:

Share and Develop Your Ideas Program

This program helps members of the Egyptian community to materialize their ideas and form innovative initiatives. Members of the society would be the best to find creative solutions for their most urging problems and challenges. This is why SHF supports all innovative ideas that contribute to the sustainable development vision.

To know more about the program and the application process please contact:

Getting Involved

We offer many various means of participation for those who wish to get involved in our various programs. For more details and information please contact:

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