Funding Inquiries

Request a Fund:

SHF does not accept unsolicited proposals. If you feel you have a project worthy of consideration, please submit a summary of your organization and the project via email to

All submissions must include the following information:

  • Name of the organization, its vision and mission statement
  • Current and past activities.
  • Reason for consideration, including project/program model, evidence of collaboration and major community impact.
  • Program funding request, with supporting budget.

We appreciate the time you spend to complete your proposal. We will contact you for additional information if this project matches with SHF’s annual strategy and focus areas.

Fund a Microloan:

Our microloan program gives a loan to low-income families to improve their living conditions. The impact of your donation multiplies, as they earn an income, which helps them take better care of themselves and their grandchildren for years to come. The loans are accompanied by intensive training on how to run a business.